Accent Sierpanka (Bear)

Born March 12, 2003. He was imported from Poland. He had a beautiful temperament and we miss him dearly.                                                                                                

Blusalka Winko (Maxamillion)

Max was born in lPoland on May 22, 2008. He has a good sole. He is very much a home body. We loved him dearly and he is missed.                                                                                        

MysticPons Theodore (Theo)

Theo was born November 11, 2005. He became a CKC champion in 2008. Theo lived with Peter and Lynne Zubryzski at Domlina Pons. Thanks to all their hard work he was top pon in Canada in 2008. He had a very happy long life with Lynne and Peter in Quebec.                                             

Kompan Van Het Goralenhof (Harley)

Harley was born in Belgium on Dec. 11, 2011. He has been a jewell added to our home. We have enjoyed showing him with the aid of Shannon Scheer and Alana Smith. Harley was Top Pon in Canada 2016.  He also has the honour being the first pon in Canada to receive a Best in Show. Continuing on with his career and got his Rally Novice and his Rally Intermediate also. Changing his title to Grand Champion.